Saturday, May 3, 2008

Brazilain Wax And Xylocaine


"The most wonderful key lime pie ever created"

And we got to Santiago ... dirty, hungry, with three broken windows, bearded, the temperature indicator flashing car, the idle up and down without stopping, and wheel about to explode ... but we come! We

to "Grandma." In recent days we idealize and imagine what it would be to get there, where the smell of food each day sweeten our awakening and where neatness and cleanliness would be ubiquitous in everything that we look to stop. In this kind of paradise for any traveler who has spent nearly 8 months traveling as a pseudo hippie and that reach any city in all he does is wander aimlessly for her lack of a home, a couch or a bed as God commands, "the Grandma" is an ordained limbo, where the food is spectacular, television is even equipped with DVD, shower, hot water flows at any time, the sheets are always clean and every night a guest fold appear that tells you where to go to bed, clean clothes each day appears on the chair ... and a long list of basic and mundane little things that do not usually enjoy. How to value something when we miss!

In "Grandma" not only is she aware of that nothing goes wrong, we do not have cold and give little money behind his back, but there is also a woman who never ceases to surprise even a single day Francisca. Clean speech, kitchen and not only knows everything, but I could write a column on the mark and take his job to Segurola. His feet (country) of lemon and cooking in general deserve a shrine, a sculpture, a site on the dessert menu of Adrià or at least a restaurant somewhere where size could show the world delicacies. And we ... we were hungry!

primed and sleep ... We ate and rested ... and for 7 days. Pure relaxation. A resort with the best care. Among

a nap and a tres leches cake had enough energy to go to make a short trip to Valparaiso and Viña del Mar beach towns but now the cold desert wind coming from the Pacific, where we seek to Pablo Neruda by streets and squares up to his house, La Sebastiana.

Before leaving Mendoza and the Andes to cross again, we decided to go through a workshop to fix the most minor injuries sustained by the Naughty in recent weeks (desert too!). We owe thanks to our newest sponsor of the trip, Hairdressers Glam SA (which must not stop going if you are in Santiago de Chile), we sponsored a revival of the four tires, as ours were to explode to pieces. Notice to potential buyers: the new ones are Korean and stronger than those used to make bombs McGyver.

Next stop ... the (Da) Vines of Mendoza.

"In Valparaiso with Grandma"

"Chatting with Pablito"

"La casa de Neruda: La Sebastiana"


"Creativity chilena"


"A sister Catalan flag"

"It's a 'See you soon'"


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