Saturday, May 3, 2008

Lymphoma Tingling Fingers



The road from Mendoza to Cordoba was like all the trips so far in Argentina. Very long. But it could not have made things closer? The truth is that one can not complain, because the scenery is wonderful and in combination with good music, the journey is done (almost) shorter to go to Toledo by AVE (And that bastard David writes that he did not to drive for 10 hours straight!).

And indeed, as Miss Argentina had predicted in their mysterious messages, Cordoba was ready for our arrival. Our hostel was located in the center of town, so any sightseeing was a stone's throw (upload Belgrano, Yrigoyen casualties, and the second right is the Plaza of Spain, where are the Palace Museum and Carafa Ferreyra ... more or less).

But Cordoba would not have been the same without the presence, existence or persistence of the aforementioned Miss Argentina (hereafter, "Agos", for short and because it is his name), our particular comedian Pupi (we process of creating "an Elvis doll" to the car that looks like Pupi and entering, the welcome you saying, "Hi Chicuelos!") and his hosts of friends (that Vito !!!). Climb mountains with them, tasted local dishes rustic restaurants, markets and we visited both party we had to buy new shoes. Oh, and began the tradition of entering interesting restaurants, sit at the table and decide to go before we attended.

were days where we feel at home, in fact we wanted to go and prolong our stay repeatedly, some by force majeure, but unfortunately all good things come to an end, and in this case the time was also well who played from. See you in Madrid or in Alexandria, but we'll see. Now we wait in Buenos Aires, last stop for David.

"Threatened with tattoos that"

"Oh, is the cathedral?

" Study of Reflection 1 "

"Study of the Reflection 2"

"With our wonderful and exuberant host"


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