Sunday, May 25, 2008

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From the balcony overlooking the Rambla de Montevideo "Bennett House" looks at the Rio de la Plata change color at dusk. She rocks slowly and reassuring to know it's there. Smell the sea and the cold winter days where the wind comes from the tie strikes the Rambla you can see people fighting to stay up and take one more step. La Rambla is a promenade, a giant, stretching around the city overlooking the river and in which people walk, run and is to drink mate. Cluster around of green leaves (as in the 70s?) that wet with warm water and drink with small sips, paused, thoughtfully pondered to think while sipping. It's almost like a religion. Inside

among books and pictures, are spoiling me. I feel at home, and part of the great family Bennett. It is wonderful to be so good in someone else's house. As Ana Maria paints, Nico walk takes me Montevideo and the ghostly shadow of Robert flies over the house. I hope the aperezca at any time, but I say no, do not see him, are traveling in Korea. Roberto will be next time! We have a beer and a conversation yet! I will return to Uruguay and hopefully secure this Chapis!
The city is pequeninos
, Madrid as a boy, all very accessible and clean. At night, eat sushi and gets away with the Duffey, Ivan, Masami and the last year of the Faculty of Architecture of Porto Alegre. 50 Brazil @ s charming among those noted for their good cheer and spirit furgonetero Beta and Livia (big beijo both and see you in Porto Alegre!), A delusion. Between glasses and more glasses comes my new travel companion, who accompanied me on this last leg of the adventure to Rio de Janeiro. Like a deja-vu or a time loop is involved, Paul, a mix of Shaggy from Scooby Doo and our famous knight Don Quixote comes on the scene recently landed in Rio de Janeiro. Besos, encounters, hugs, Smile ... and the van. There is someone else happy in the face of the earth that Paul? Difficult.

We bid farewell to our family has been in the last week with one of the worst hangovers on record on the trip and we left for Brazil. Another farewell, and another country. How hard it is, still today, after so many, saying goodbye. One gets used on the trip to meet someone, squeeze, creating a very strong bond of friendship in a very short time, leave and who knows if someday see him again. Fortunately, in this case Bennett are old friends. The parting is temporary. 'll See her safe. Thank you very much for everything!

Travel, losing countries. What reason had Pessoa. I lose one, Uruguay, but won another Brazil.


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