Thursday, May 29, 2008

Erection When Being Waxed


California, 3CQR961. I have arrived. I cry. I corcovadeado by Rio, happy. Illusions only fools live balls. I'm rereading "Robinson Crusoe" and I suffer every day a larger process of mimicry. A goals, should we go? I smile until my cheeks hurt. "We sell the van? 9 months ago I left San Francisco . The smiles in this country are white and infinite. A Schopen in Santa Teresa is one of the best plans for Rio. What now? I have wanted to see. Back to mourn. Two street children dressed in my clothes I shake hands and smile. I think of gazpacho, prosciutto and a cane. Deus Irmaos. I look to heaven and I am happy. In Rio live in constant danger. Travel, losing countries. Have I finished? The most repeated phrase from Paul who lives in Rio is, "you see that handsome, cool river." I have a knot in the stomach. A glance at Posto 9, a sigh. The Christ Redeemer almost applauds the Naughty when she entered in Rio de Janeiro . California , 3CQR961. Outside it is winter, 28 degrees is confirmed. The end is the beginning and vice versa. I have 5 new Brazilian albums are very good, best, Victor Assis Brasil, Jobim. The giant black and white mosaic Copacabana undulates me a sincere goodbye. Do not cross the tunnel, says Paul, on the other side will kill you. I feel lucky and proud. I have many things to tell. The tourist takes a picture, the traveler live photo. River, until I have a stomachache. Modern Sound is the record store with more good vibes the world. The Naughty may again rise to San Francisco no problem. I promised I write this alone would be sentences of my arrival, no the trip. The sushi in Rio is good, more meat. Dreams, dreams are ... some are true. Mourn clean. "We give the Naughty? Rio de Janeiro is green, blue and yellow . I'm tired. I do not as fruit, I drink it. A tear in every corner of Ipanema. So how you do that?, I wonder, I think, doubt, and only smiled. "Order and Progress? I whistle and I do OK signal. California , 3CQR961. I have wanted so much to see you. Cry up not see. Dengue in Rio is dangerous. With her green eyes and small black and white shoes gave us a hug and we finally calmed . No one color sarongs in Rio. The federal police to us and warns us to beware, it is much more dangerous to a police state of Rio de Janeiro an assailant. I'm happy to go. "We sent the van to Madrid ? A stray bullet in each favela. I feel weird. Brazil is Brazil only by their sucos. I am ready to return. Niemeyer was sounded. The Lapa train is a laugh. I cry no one sees me. Thanks Paul. Fear is for the mediocre. The Mistura Fine cool, especially if you play John Scofield. A coconut water in Ipanema. I have wanted to go and create something. What if we burn the van to bonzo as if it were a bizarre ritual and dance around singing and screaming? River, cry and laugh and cry. Does the fact that I live is different from living in Madrid or the same? Here you lie and people are playing football, you wake up and people are playing football. Sugarloaf looks like the head of a giant worm. California , 3CQR961. At night you can skip red lights, but you do run the risk of assault you. I sad to come. Rio is the best city to end a journey. Who said the van would not arrive? I have missed you. I feel empty. I'm happy. Go to see Paul, I have it mounted. Are there any higher?. From 10 you can not make money. I always liked the beginning, involving anxiety, anger, curiosity, adventure and anxiety. A walk on Ipanema alleviates the fact of end. Bailao I removed it. " I'll come to Madrid and nothing will have changed, what about me?. A group of children running after the van and shouting, while lifting his arms in the air and move from side to side, "California!". of happiness job well done. Vitally am very calm. No fear, just respect. If I stay with something is that one end always comes a beginning. California , 3CQR961. California , 3CQR961. I will miss you very much, but I'm happy. See you in a few days in Madrid .


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