Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sample Welcome To Church As A Member Letter


write from the nostalgia that gives, knowing that my two traveling companions are already in Madrid. I am left alone, and whether, if anyone doubted it, I'll stick with the blog. There will be fewer pictures and more text (for the simple reason that David took my camera and have it organized a gangland thug in Oaxaca), but always more of the same, that is, a lot of envy and a lot of road.

Well, I am left alone. I repeat a lot lately. I find it strange. I've been traveling almost 8 months to 2 square meters, 24 hours a day (no more than but ...) with someone, and such a day like Tuesday follows that David is gone. The march was painless, short, light, diligent. I had been in bed all day with their loss psicosomatizando stomachaches, headaches and joint pains. The announcement came in and went, and so he was. I

be slightly out of place, the end of the day when you travel with a partner there is complicity and solidarity maximum. You lean on the other in bad times and comment when there are good. I now needed the complicity with my traveling companion. We had to talk to David about what he had gone. Screwed. Impossible. Sickening. Rare. Anyway there was Tatu, Domi, Marki, Flower, Barbara and Mana to remind me that he was still in Buenos Aires, a city has it all. Leaving

night like angry beasts, ate national delicacies (live your cake risotto and Domi!) And walk along streets with trees on the sides that make you feel at home, go back to where you grew up. Buenos Aires is like a big Madrid. 10-lane avenues of awe, giant and bright places you marvel and architectural variety mingles perfectly balanced combination of different styles. Parks and walks in San Telmo, La Boca and its colors and bustle of Palermo you are healing, you balsamizan. A good roll city, shame that its politicians no longer rest in peace to any of its inhabitants, timid, all accounts are when will the next crisis ... by that will be.

Tatu In no clutch home runs its course all natural. The books are stacked balancing on mountains or endless rows of thousands of colors, one above the other, to the ceiling. To unwind, culture and time domain. The Italian accent echoes of The Sopranos on the white walls and good music never stops ringing. It's relaxing to be there. Known at home. Exit the courtyard and watch the sky. Thus, you do not mind being alone. You are healed. Tatu Thanks for everything. Soon enough ...

Montevideo and the-house-of-the-parents-of-Chapis ...


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