Saturday, May 3, 2008

Dream Of Cat With Used Tampax


Having crossed all sorts of precarious territory we had to one last hurdle: the one between Chile and Argentina, uséase the Cordillera de los Andes. We start with new wheels and van cleaner than the corridors of the Pope's house to Mendoza, Argentina's wine capital. We are guided by the signs, we lost a little valley, snowy mountains, winding road curves gave us, to get to Argentina.

What are the boundaries rare! It is not the first time you say, but we continue to surprise their magic and mystery: the people selling and wheeling and dealing with anything, the smell of traps, shirking, to smuggling and the imaginary line that makes an accent to pass it changed so much! 5 meters of separation between the living and other illusory division between of nothing and a completely different accent. Rare.

Che, and dresses, we finally arrived in Mendoza. We slept two nights in the van, to the doorstep of a group of charming characters, some known (Gabrielle, Mendoza Chiapas) and others who are even our friends in Facebook (Lucas, Nico, Lizette, Laura and Yana) and we were treated to a delicious honey and took us to see the city and its many charms.

So we ate steak, we saw a good concert (Jaime Torres + Magic Malik + Minino Garay) and even stepped back in time through college, then we end up eating in the dining room of the unit! Student again! We also made the obligatory visit and almost religious in the area, which is going to a wine cellar. We went to the winery in Maipu Carinae (Mr. Parker scored above the 90/100, not bad) and ended up buying almost too many bottles, which had a picnic in the Parque San Martín. And once again, the van showed his versatility in such events as repeated in the trip, and based at the junction to a greater or lesser extent, the following elements: parks, wine (in the absence of any other intoxicating liquid) , friends, girlfriends, grass and sunset.

And after that, he played as usual, sad farewells, promises of reunion and re-key in the ignition of the Naughty: towards Cordoba.

"Spinning fine: to eat at the University"

"What you had not thought of that?"

"The army of drunks"

"A bug"


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