Sunday, May 25, 2008

Type Of Turquoise Names


Log in Brazil is always an event, especially if, as this time is the last country in the greatest adventure of your life. At the border we get a guy with Nordic appearance, clear eyes and confirms that his last name is German, but his smile and good cheer reveal that indeed we are in Brazil. After customs formalities begin to notice how the vegetation changes gradually becomes more savage, more green and us with his mind set on our first stop, 'Beta House' in Porto Alegre.

As we approach The Naughty begins to sag. The marches did not go well, you have to step on the clutch too virulence and the slums of Porto Alegre are too close for her to leave us without warning. At the traffic lights should be shut off and starting in gear. Cars honk and looks we hate to get ahead, and the fires in the slums shining. We lost to city driving in second gear, that is the only place we can get, until miraculously, and after asking for more than an hour, we got a 'Beta House', who received us with her big green eyes and huge smile.

The next day began at the workshop. Purging Naughty clutch, and other liquids. While we did some sightseeing in the city, preparing gazpacho and pasta and enjoyed the company of Beta. The Naughty left the shop as a new, clean, whiter than ever, and wanting more miles, the last mile. The clutch and gears came to wonder, and saying goodbye to Beta with promises to meet again, Paul and I chop wheel and headed for Rio de Janeiro, after passing through Caxias do Sul and its green forests seems that you are in Switzerland, Florianopolis and Curitiba.

Brazil and we feel very good but look at the pictures below. The final destination is close, I smell ...

I love you.


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