Tuesday, April 8, 2008

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Yes, yes, we come to Chile, after a long, dusty and arduous journey across the salt flats of Uyuni. And that is clear, there is not a single paved road, and posters we forget, so after 3 hours of aimless wandering, we begin to imagine waiting for the shooting star that would guide us to civilization.

Well, nature is wise, and from time to time agreed to plant volcanoes over 5,000 meters high and can be seen from afar. So we passed the border Ollagüe volcano on the highest step of Bolivia, at the of 4.500 m, where you need oxygen to chewing gum. Conversations are less fluid, too tired to talk. So we dedicate ourselves to think, to observe the lunar landscapes of ecstasy, the desert framed by the snowy peaks of the Andes, herds of vicuña scampering through the grass, the beaches of salt ... and realize how amazing you are borders. Only one line on the ground marks the passage from one country to another. Another accent, others completely different features, new culinary arts ... Well so are the boundaries. And going 14.

What we say in Chile? Wine country, poets, family ... Aside from arriving in a country where roads were asfaltadas y respetasen por una vez los magullados neumáticos de la Naughty, nuestra mayor ansiedad era, por qué no reconocerlo, dormir en una camita con embozo, comer comida casera y poder andar descalzo por una moqueta limpia. Y en Santiago todo ello nos aguardaba en la casa de la familia de Nacho, pero aún había que esperar un poco. Porque si hay algo, un detalle, una característica única, inigualable, esencial que haya que destacar de Chile por encima de todas las cosas, más que sus vinos, sus poetas y sus familiares, es que este país es más largo que la sombra del ciprés, más largo que un día sin pan, más largo que las piernas de Tachenko. Que son 6,500 km de costa, ojo, no es moco de pavo.

A couple of days in San Pedro de Atacama, a picturesque town of red mud houses in the middle of nowhere (repeat: nothing) helped us physically and mentally prepare for it. And more physical than mental, because we did not think anything other than rent bike paths and get into Death Valley to try a new sport, sandboarding or sanbordin, or get on a large dune, get a table wood and slide under the feet which Paquito with the only drawback when you get down, there is a chairlift that will return to the top. Basically because, again, about nothing.

we refer to the photos, as we head South, to the very south. And looking forward, ahead.


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