Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thick Cervical Mucus Means No Ovulation

"Here we go"

do we have of Machu Picchu is not known at this point: One of the new seven wonders of the world (and the second one we visited on this trip), is 2.300 meters, and is expensive DFKs. For what it costs the entrance of the train and buses, Marsans Travel offers an idyllic weekend in the Faroe Islands. But that put prices knows that if you spend 20 hours on a bus journey to Lima - Cusco, is it going to go to Machu Picchu and you pay what you say.

So for logistical reasons, and given that Jorma was visiting for a few days, David and executed the above in question Nacho so scary journey as he stayed in Lima. Hostal Apu Wasi is the highest in a city that is 3.200 meters, so we cagábamos around every time we forgot the camera or the scarf, because the climb was suffocating.

We did a tour of Machu Picchu, chock full of people with colored raincoats but equally impressive, and other complexes nearby and equally interesting but less exploited, such as Ollantaytambo and Pisac. Anecdotally, the taxi driver who took us to Pisac racanetes saw us face and we proposed that scalar Mount (putting our lungs to 110%) to sneak in exchange for some more money for him. And

Cusco (Or Cuzco) is an absolutely idyllic town, built between mountains with monumental buildings and some neighborhoods where they feel like getting lost and spending hours and hours at their little stores of crafts, art galleries and hundreds of bars.

But the bars have what they have, and now with Nacho this, we returned to experience that in some pa talk about if things are arranged in the street before ... So we were forced to leave the burning city rubber and heading to Bolivia ... another great unknown, but which houses wonders describe ... when we know.

"From the Train"

"Mial, how nice"

"The can not miss"

"Knock, knock"

"An orchid"

"The smoking room of Machu Picchu"

"Better alone than in bad company"

"With Jorma"

" Where you going? "

"Come, that the fund is no room!"

"Pisac Inca city ... another 1.000 meters higher than Machu Picchu. Hard to breathe"

"In return for some more money, of course"

"That's Cusco"

"distant relatives"

"We ate a bug for those in pepitoria"

"A child funny gait "

"plane Lima"


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