Saturday, April 5, 2008

Rapid Heart Beat And Light Headed


Bolivia and affected lives engrossed in his neighbors, has no outlet to the sea or anything that makes it famous in the world (except perhaps the sweater its president), but has much to offer. It is cheap, has taken some landscapes surreal Dali painting and no tourists, only travelers who come to enjoy its natural extremes and their indigenous and Andean cultures that are mixed with those of the great modern cities.

entered the north from Peru and the first thing we found was Lake Titicaca. The highest navigable lake in the world. Is enormous. It is a sea at 3,810 meters high (taller than Mount Teide!), And altitude sickness began to stick to us and Naughty (Who was drowning!)

From there we move into the Bolivian altiplano, toward peace. A city where you go to 4,000 meters high and have to go down to the 3.640 meters. The image from above, an orange spot that gets lost in the horizon to the foot of Mount Illambo, is grief. It is very extensive. Too.

The next stop was Oruro (and their delicious pies) and Potosi. Famous mining town on the slopes of Cerro Rico from the English took every ounce of silver. "Vale un Potosí" wrote Cervantes in Don Quixote for something that was worth a fortune and we bask in its streets and enjoy its crowds and its market. Addition had the opportunity to play in the football stadium highest in the world, where Evo Morales had played and opened to few days. Just do the threat of running to the ball and I got tired. We had not felt anything like before. After 10 minutes we had laces and after 15 minutes almost wanted to die, however much air your lungs cogieras filled. Overwhelms a lot.

We returned to plateau and even more impressed with the landscape and continue to 4.000 meters in height and accompany us to our sides much higher mountains.

And finally ... Uyuni. An ugly people in the desert when you arrive after 6 hours of hell unpaved road in the desert. The town is falling apart, no hot water after 6 pm and makes a cold or Siberia, but it holds really close one of the most amazing scenery we have seen in our lives: the salt flats of Uyuni. A salt desert of 3,700 square kilometers. Back to where the eye comes everything is white, is so large that even is the curvature of the globe in the skyline. It's like a movie set of Gus Van Sant, not a sound or a single color or a movement. Very impressive. We spent 3 days in the desert bordering Uyuni in 4x4 with a French couple (check out his blog on our list of friends!) And a German. Extraordinary people who did nothing but improve good plan is to visit lagoons with flamingos, volcanoes and other natural phenomena. At night we slept at -20 degrees and during the day we were dying of heat through the various nooks for which we moved. Of the best tours we've done on the trip.

already left us to cross the desert to San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, for 9 hours by road to hell and pray that no prick ... but that's another post ...


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