Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Is There A Warranty On Clothes


The power and knowledge make the qualitative leap in the small mundane acts that are repeated ad nauseam in our daily lives, is what makes us the pleasure technicians, and obviously we are the best. In Peru we had the opportunity to upgrade to the quintessential, one of them, the food. 4.000

different types of potatoes, ceviche, tiraditos, Lima and causes all kinds of meats in different sauces to the delight of the components of the van, which had to add several more, Gaston from London Town is falling down falling down, and Jorma alias from marzipan or Hammerbread Madrid. These, together with the indigenous Agnes (alias Ye-Ye) and Willy (that we can not do anything but thank you for always never stay and intensive care), made the last two weeks were fun-erotic-gastronomic festival , which took place from surreal nights out, walks along the beautiful waterfront of Lima, sleepless nights thanks to pisco, beachfront barbecues (made of course by the man in person ... Gaston barbecue), put about to the van, the cities of Trujillo and Mancora Nazca and the beach, and visits to Machu Pichu that deserve a separate paragraph. All this, seen from a duplex on the 16th floor with black marble and mirrors everywhere in the upscale neighborhood of Miraflores, in Lima and a pisco sour in hand. A delight.

'll leave you with the photos, we know that you like more.

"Another new frontier ... how many are going?"

"Trujillo ... and little else"

"Skaters Lima"

"If I was going to say to me?"

"On reflection, it also hurts"

"This is for experts only ... LA PRISA MATA in Lima"

"Some guiris front of the cathedral"


"In perfect harmony with the environment"

"The Pepona is dead, long live the nuns horny!"


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