Sunday, May 20, 2007

How Long Does Listerine

Reading magazine MSDN Magazine in its issue of June 2007
(which is on-line in 11 languages, including English) I found a very interesting article (as most of this book) written by Adam Barr (knowledge engineer in Engineering Excellence team at Microsoft) called Proud to be
The differentiation made between an encoder and a very successful developer also seems to argue convincingly for the next step would not "logical" in the career of a software developer and become a software architect .
article left me pondering many aspects. For example, Adam, from their point of view, said that the discipline of software engineering is too immature compared with other disciplines such as civil engineering is supported by centuries of knowledge, can you imagine all the work that we as developers for ahead? However, from my point of view, the software engineering discipline is a much more dynamic than others and therefore, perhaps if they exist, the knowledge of centuries ago today would not be as effective as in other disciplines.

Now my question is, Does considered units. coders or developers? What do you do every day to become better developers or developers?

that I can only invite you to read the article and any feedback is welcome.

To end I answer to Adam: Adam, also feel very proud to be a developer!


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