Sunday, January 21, 2007

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MySQL Community Server 5.0.33 Windows binary using ASP.NET

few days ago MySQL AB released version 5.0.33 of MySQL Community Server as Kaj Arnö reported (MySQL AB VP Community) on her blog - MySQL Community Server 5.0.33 released .
This release was unique was delivered only as source code for both Unix and Windows. In view of this has generated a lot of confusion about whether MySQL AB will continue to provide the binary for Windows for free
MySQL no Longer Providing Windows binaries for free. MySQL Continues Providing
Windows binaries for free to explain that MySQL AB will continue to provide the binary for Windows for free for the Community version but no binary for version 5.0.33 , he hopes that by next release (5.0.35) planned to launch within a month are both binary and source code. Remember that pairs are versions for enterprise servers and odd versions will be for servers cumin. However, for those who want to get the Windows binary version of MySQL Community Server 5.0.33 has the option of downloading from the website SQLyog MySQL Server Built By Webyog
who after further work has been generated an identical installer (installer, configuration wizard, scripts, etc..) to as delivered by MySQL AB, remember that SQLyog uses the same tools of MySQL AB developed for product development.
This article (with some variation) was also published in English


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