Saturday, January 20, 2007

Huband Secretly Masterbates

had time listening to some dissatisfaction from people close to me about how complicated it was to obtain a passport for the page ONIDEX - / portal / tiposolicitudes.htm
Listening many times to many people with discontent and hearing that there are people who pay to get this request you made me curious and I decided to be a user of this site and try to get passport.
first thing that attracted attention is that the site has a schedule, not 24 hours expect a web service in the works but from 9 am to 1 pm, if I remember correctly, and depending on the state want to get an appointment there are a few days to request, that is, me I'm in Valencia, Edo. Carabobo I can make the application only Wednesday through Friday from 9 am to 1 pm, that simple. Well, given that I waited until the days and hours that allow me. When the time I try to enter my authentication data (email and password) since this page was collapsed at 9:02 am (only 2 min. after starting time) was almost impossible to access it, it took a lot just to show two text boxes.

Then you can finally enter my authentication data, began a process that never ended, the process of entering my data and expect this process I tried for 1 hour and 30 min. in great despair at the slow pace that had, when I finally managed to pass this process, complete all requested information and I think that I'll get the return and appointment, as I said that because the quotas for the venue where I am applying are exhausted I have to wait until the next day. It was actually very frustrating all this effort.

I noticed that the process he later called a page. Aspx, ie they are using ASP.NET. Making judgments a priori without knowing the details of the way the system is designed not very fair, but based on the results we can imagine that the system has major flaws do not know if architecture, design, sizing, hardware, software, programming, technologies used, all together.

What I see is that it is giving very bad image to the technologies they use, while those in the technical area know that you can do and what not with the technologies, those who area not just say "This page does not work." Talking to my mother about this she told me "Do you develop with these technologies?" That caught my attention because people are not seeing the results area and regardless of whether the technology that was done is good or bad are just not working. This is where the human capital (developers) to use these technologies are the ones who make a difference.

online Since you want to make a constructive criticism (because it affects me and affects many of us) and not knowing in depth the causes because of the great failures of this system I am sure that is completely upgradeable, and that many people within the community of developers like me are willing to collaborate to improve this system if so desired by responsible managers.


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