Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Palpitations Position Of Heart

Thanks Nestor!

a couple of days ago I learned that my friend Nestor Guadarrama change of position within Microsoft ( See his blog ... )
Since I started my support Microsoft developer community in 2002, Nestor is the second person of Microsoft with which could directly and continuously work towards the community and the domestic software industry, the first person was a good friend Eduardo Nunez.
Nestor, many were the activities and ideas that successfully developed over this time, with all the ups and downs that can occur when one wants to give the maximum in all aspects, so I want to thank you with these few words all the support in this work does not end and it evolves every day with the impulse and the effort of a team that unconditionally provides tremendous value to the activities taking place.

Especially, I thank you gave me your friendship, beyond the activities of the community, the position within a company, etc. the bond of friendship will be something that lasts over time, you know you can count on me when needed.

In this new post you start I wish you every success I'm sure will succeed.

receive a big hug and keep in touch.


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