Friday, February 16, 2007

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What is a 300 level talk in Microsoft events? Interview with Andrey

Usually when we go to the Microsoft

events each speech has a level, the level determines the depth or experience should be to maximize the content that will be performing.
In a page from Microsoft (which I remember at this time) I found the definitions for each level.
100: introductory technical level. Assumes little or no experience in the subject and covers concepts, functions, features and benefits.

200: intermediate technical level. Assumes 100-level knowledge and provides specific

detelles on the topic.

300: advanced technical level. Assumes 200-level knowledge and a deep understanding of features in real world environments and strong coding skills. Provides a technical description detailed characteristics of a subset of product / technology, cubiendo architecture, operation, performance, migration, deployment and development. 400: level technician. Assumes a deep level of technical knowledge, experience and careful detailed understanding of the topic. Interaction provides expert-to-expert and covers specialized topics.

Remember always know the level of the talk to be attended.


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